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How Renovo Helps Unlock the Data of Automotive Systems

Through onboard software and sensors, a single vehicle may produce tens of terabytes of data in a single day. From ignition to the moment the engine powers down – and even beyond that – every system within the car generates its own massive dataset. These datasets contain potential insights on everything from safety to driver behavior to software, hardware, or design improvements. As we move towards a future defined by autonomous vehicles and smart cities, car companies need the capacity to retain, process, and analyze this data. Yet, they cannot afford to shift their focus away from safety, security, and functionality. Renovo recognizes this.


“I believe that to innovate, a company must narrow down its focus to the core of what it does,” says Chris Heiser, Renovo Co-Founder and CEO. “

“The embedded systems that live inside modern vehicles generate data with
enormous potential value,” continues Heiser. “They have some of the best sensors
on the planet; highly calibrated and running 24×7. The ability to quickly access and
analyze the data they create is instrumental in building better systems and improving
features like collision avoidance, automatic parking, and driver monitoring.”

Making Automation smoother

our core believes

“The organization maintains a firm stance on two things. First, secure access to data generated by embedded systems is critical. And second, the complexity and safety concerns of systems such as autonomous vehicles (AVs) and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are such that key strategic partnerships are fundamental in addressing them. “I believe that to innovate, a company must narrow down its focus to the core of what it does,” says Chris Heiser, Renovo Co-Founder and CEO. “The corollary of that is the need to find partners and collaborators to help deliver a full solution and fill internal gaps in knowledge and expertise.” Through its Insight data management platform, Renovo is working to provide the automotive industry exactly that. A means of accessing, organizing, and identifying insights in the data generated by automotive software and sensors.

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Over a Decade of Automotive Insights

In 2008, for instance, the company collaborated with multiple automotive suppliers
to create its own electric supercar known as The Renovo Coupe. For Renovo, it was
both a learning experience and a proof of concept.

Once the Coupe was released in 2015, Renovo went on to work with Stanford University, creating a fully autonomous development platform for researchers. This partnership culminated in the release of MARTY; a self-driving DeLorean capable of precise drifting. It also solidified Renovo’s commitment to its next major project – the release of its automotive data management platform.

“Partnerships are incredibly important to us,” says Heiser. “We know what we want to build ourselves, and where we can rely on other partners and systems like BlackBerry QNX.”

BlackBerry QNX Partnerships Renovo

“BlackBerry QNX is a major player in the automotive space and has been instrumental in helping make our vision for automotive data a reality. The Renovo Platform is now being used by many mutual global OEM customers – clients of both BlackBerry and Renovo – to accelerate the development process for automotive software.” – Chris Heiser, Co-Founder and CEO, Renovo

Toyota’s Woven Planet Buys Renovo Motors To Enhance Automated Vehicle Software

The reason Woven Planet wanted Renovo was its operating system that can run various apps that integrate automated driver assist systems, maps and other mobility services. The system, Aware OS, has been compared to Google’s Android system that enable software developers to introduce new smartphone apps.

“The acquisition of Renovo supports Woven Planet’s work in transforming worldwide mobility,” Nikos Michalakis, Woven Planet’s senior vice president of software platform, said in a statement. “A key part is to enable the most programmable vehicles on the planet, opening vehicle programming to everyone by simplifying software development.”

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