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Eahora ACE mountain bike 750 watts 110MM hydraulic suspension fork torque 120 Nm

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Eahora ACE is an efficient mid-drive electric mountain bike with high-performance Bafang M600 motor and 110MM hydraulic suspension fork. It provides better balance and weight distribution, which has good handling and stability can help you tackle challenging terrain with more confidence.

The Bafang M600 mid-drive motor is considered to be a high-quality and reliable motor with efficiency. It has a maximum power output of 750 watts and a torque rating of up to 120 Nm. efficiency. The motor also has a smooth and quiet operation, thanks to its advanced sensor technology and intelligent control system. Its durability and ease of maintenance, are designed to withstand harsh riding conditions.

It’s a high capacity and performance battery adapted to the Bafang electric system of this ebike. Sleek and integrated design of a frame build-in battery to fix the risk of the battery drop during high-tense off-road riding, offering better protection and anti-stolen problems for the battery itself. The battery is removable under the down tube.






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