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All Terrain Mobility Scooter 4 Wheel Design, 48V 2Ah Battery, 330lb-Weight Capacity,10-Miles Range


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All Terrain Mobility Scooter

Manual PDF

330-Pound Weight Limit|10-Mile Total Range|64-Pounds Total Scooter Weight

All-Terrain Adventure with SuperHandy’s Mobility Scooter Pro

Discover the versatility of our 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter Pro. Designed for all terrains, it features pneumatic wheels and a powerful 500W motor, supporting up to 300 pounds with a 10-mile range.

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This scooter combines durability, stability, and efficiency, offering a safe and enjoyable ride across various terrains and catering to diverse mobility needs.

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Powerful Disc Brakes

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
This is a solid design

I like the layout and controls. The seat is great. My wife loves it.

On the negative side. The instructions are incomplete and not great. The bolt set included had 1/2 of the hardware in the wrong size and useless. One disk brake was bent slightly and the adjustment room on the caliper is not sufficient to get things adjusted easily.

The major issue was the front locking pin. The parts that the main pin goes through were not tested for proper alignment. The pin could not be fully inserted. I had to file out one side of the assembly to get the pin enough room to move in and out properly. I also had to fix several paint chips. The paint is not very strong. It is also not well adhered to the chassis. It is a decent product but needs a much better level of QA.

Completely Worth It

Purchased the 4-wheeled scooter for its heavy duty capacity and the removable rechargeable battery system. The scooter very much lives up to my expectations and I am happy. Had a small issue with the on board screen but customer service reached out and got things taken care of quickly.

Great little scooter

I love it. Too much fun! Customer support was Great! ok, I'm 6'2" 275lb. My back won't allow me to stand or walk very far. For longer walks etc, this is perfect.
Likes: Extremely light weight. Take off the seat & it's easy to put in the back of our truck.
Price- Look at what similar buggies are & I believe it's a steal.
Construction- This is built like a tank & love the pneumatic tires. Not a soft ride, but much better
than hard tires.
Fast- Much faster than the ones in the stores. Can almost keep up with the grandkids on their bikes.
*note it will tip at high speeds. Ask me how I know. lol
Comfortable - Nice big seat & folding back.
Service - Had an issue with a broken part ( during shipping I assume) Was contacted very quickly &
a new seat was at my door in just a couple of days. No fuss, no fight. Emailed a photo of damage
& they took care of it. Thanks to Blake!
Batteries - I like the idea of having several small batteries. I bought the optional larger one also. Go
until it dies & swap in another & you can head back... unless you have all 3 with ya.

Thoughts: Narrow wheelbase- Since I'm tall & top heavy, it is easy to tip it over at speed. I've run through
some areas that it just wasn't designed for & it got a bit tricky. My fault not the scooter's. Its
not a 4wd atv . lol
Turning radius- Not really a con, but it's not good at running around in the house. I bought it
for outdoors, not going from bedroom to bedroom. It does fine in Walmart :-). If the radius was
tighter, it would tip easier. If frame was wider to handle a shorter radius, it might not fit in your
No Key - Would be a nice addition, but usually someone in the group is happy to sit on it while do
what ever...

So, I really like my scooter. It does what I want it to and the price was right. I feel like a kid on a go-cart, lol, My back is much happier, and I don't have to sit it out when my wife & grandkids want to go somewhere that takes some walking.

Great scooter

Love this scooter. The actual drive power is smooth and speedy (d1,d2); however the reverse speed (R) is not as fast, it's actually too slow, wish it was just a little faster in reverse. The breaks, suspension, tires are great. The tires can get through just about anything. Well built scooter. I would recommend this scooter.

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